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Announcing our latest product !

  " The MiniMeterIII "   

 Metering Systems Inc. is proud to announce our next generation of electricity meters, the MiniMeterIII or MMIII as we like to refer to it, employs the  latest in integrated circuit technology to provide a small and accurate meter that utilizes the most advanced wireless technologies. Connected to a Gateway and using web based application software it can collect, store and transmit utility data in real time.

Due to it's web connectivity MMIII data can be accessed at any time using any device with an Internet connection including cell phones, but in addition we have also installed a digital counter on it's front panel for manual reads when necessary.

The MMIII is able to measure 3-phase electrical power or 3 separate single-phase lines. It provides a pulse output that can be read by a wide variety of Automatic Meter Reading Systems ("AMR"). This MMIII versatility allows it to receive, store and transmit data from gas, water and oil meters as well. It directly supports 120/208 VAC and 277/480 VAC circuits, and 100Amp, 200Amp, 400Amp and 800Amp circuits.

With auxiliary transformers, MMIII can meter virtually any circuit and with it's small size makes it easy to install in a variety of applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and marine.

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