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MSI is in the business of providing stand-alone metering equipment and automatic metering reading systems for electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and water.


MSI is a full service organization providing installation, meter reading, billing and collection services. We also provide energy survey and potential cost saving analysis services.


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Our experience indicates that the best way to save energy and water is to charge the end user for the energy and water they use.  The practice of allocating energy and water costs on the basis of area occupied or some other arbitrary basis only encourages the waste of these commodities.


On the other hand installing systems to actually meter the amount of the commodity being consumed by the end user and charging him for it has shown savings rates that range from 15% to 50%.  These saving are most often achieved by installing a submetering system.


Many MSI customers who install submetering equipment pay for the installation in less than 2 years. 


Using MSI Submetering products and services has the following benefits:

  1. Submetering saves energyEnergy and/or water savings that range for 15 to 50 percent.
  2. Submetering is fair. Allow users to pay only for the energy they use. The end user pays only for the commodity that he or she uses and does not share in the cost of the wasteful habits of others.
  3.  Submetering changes end users wasteful habits.  Submetering provides financial incentives to save energy and water. Those who are in the habit of wasting these commodities are given a financial incentive to change their habits.  Most change their habits but, a few do not. 
  4. Submetering removes a major source of financial stress for building owners.  Submetering allows building owners to remove the "most out of control budget line item´┐Ż from their budget.  The cost of energy is driven by two factors weather and OPEC.  Neither on of these is controllable. 
  5. Submetering provide the means for the end user to control their budgets. In the face of rising energy costs submetering provides for an individual  end user the ability to control costs by reducing energy consumption.  If an individual is on a fixed income that individual may want to cut consumption drastically.  Whereas an individual with disposable income may not be so dramatically incentivized.
  6. Submetering provides greater savings and is more fair than allocation systems.  With allocation systems saving are achieved only when a majority reduces energy.  However, allocation systems typically provide little benefit to those who actually save and reward energy hogs for having conservative neighbors.
  7. MSI is a full service company.  Using the MSI full service submetering program removes the problems associated with collecting, posting, keeping track of invoices and payments, and justifying the billing amounts to end users who often complain when weather is excessively hot or cold or when OPEC decides to cut production.
  8. Easy payment for end users.  Using the MSI full service submetering program allows end users to pay with a check by mail or over the phone using our credit card or check by phone service. 

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