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Standalone Meters and Automatic Meter Systems


Electric Power Meters  / Watthour Meters / Kilowatthour Meters

Electric power meters, more often referred to as Watthour Meters and are used to meter the consumption of electric energy. Watthour Meters come in 2 basic forms. The old standard glass bubble meter  with mechanical moving parts and the more modern solid-state electronic meters.  The utility companies use mostly the mechanical type meters.  The solid-state electronic designs are by far the most popular for submetering applications.  The electronic watthour meters will eventually entirely replace the mechanical designs due to reliability, low cost for retrofitting, easy to upgrade and maintain.



MSI can provide a Watthour Meter for almost any application.

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Run Time Meters

MSI sells a Run Time Metering System. The purpose of a run time metering system is to record the amount of time the device that is being monitored is in operation. The purpose for which this device is used most is to keep track of the amount of time gas fired space heaters are in use.  By recording the gas heaters run time and knowing  the heaters gas usage rating, it is possible to estimate the amount of gas used by the heater over time.  It is an inexpensive way of metering gas usage when it is not economically feasible to use a gas meter.  The RunTime Meter can be programmed to produce a pulse every 1, 2, 3 or 4 seconds (default is 8.33 seconds for most gas furnaces).  However, the Run Time Meter can be re-programmed to match any device specification requirement. 

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Wireless Automatic Meter Reading Systems

Automatic Meter Reading Systems are used to read meters remotely.  This is most often accomplished by using central data acquisition equipment that receives the data from the meters and then forwards the data to a billing system.  This is more often done through a medium, such as GPRS/GSM, Cable Modem, and telephone lines.


MSI can provide an Automatic Meter Reading System for almost any application.

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