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MSI is a Full Service Company

We do site surveys, sell, install, and service meters and automatic metering systems for Electric Power, Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Fuel Oil and Water.  We also provide Billing and Collection services for our customers.


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Our customers that use the MSI Turnkey Service have nothing to worry about except to keep their tenant database up to date and send us copies of their utility bills.  We will do the rest.

1.  At your request, we will come to your site and perform a complete site survey.  The site survey will include reviewing your electricity bill to see if there is a lower cost utility tariff available for your site, defining your various tenant and common area loads, defining your metering needs and defining any other opportunities to save money on your utilities.  Site surveys are time consuming, therefore, there will be a fees charge for site visit plus labor rate for the amount of time taken to complete the survey. 

  • Please ask for site survey cost estimate.
  • Site Survey fees will be credited back to you upon the purchase of installation package.

2.  We will provide you a proposal defining your metering needs and any other cost saving scenarios.  The proposal will include cost of equipment and installation and will include an estimate on the time required to recoup your investment through reduced utility charges.

3.  We will install the equipment 

4.   We read and service the meters including on site and off site calibration and repair of the meter we sell.

5.  We send energy invoices to our customer's tenants.  We have the ability to send invoices to both tenants and owners in situations where the owners are not residents.

6. We receive payments

7. We send out late notices.

8.  We remit collected funds to our customers twice monthly.

9. We send aged receivable and account reconciliation reports once monthly.

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Utility Bills paid through MSI can paid by check or Money Order.

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