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Electric Power is measured in Kilowatts (Kw),Watts, Kilowatthours (kWh) and Watthours
Gas is measured in Therms, Decatherms, British Thermal Units (BTUs) and Cubic feet
Water is measured in Gallons and Cubic feet

Run Time is measured in Minutes and Hours


Using the chart below you can determine the equivalent amount of energy equal to 1 KWh, 1 BTU, 1 Therm and 1 Decatherm of energy. You can also determine the amount of equivalent energy in the form of electricity, natural gas, propane and #2 fuel oil.  Using this chart you can also determine the delivered cost of each type of fuel and the effective cost of each fuel based on the efficiency of the heating appliance used.

 Energy Conversion Chart

 To use this chart, proceed as follows:

  1. Find the units of measure (UOM) you want to convert from in the first column,
  2. Find the field with the multiplier you are looking for by scanning across the row you choose in step one until you find the column containing the UOM you want to covert to.
  3. Multiply the first number by the mulitplier foind in the field found in step 2.

For example, suppose you want to convert Therms to Kilowatthours.  First find the Therms block in the first column.  Then scan across the Therms conversion line to the kilowatthours column. There you will find the number 29.291.

Therefore, To get your Kilowatthour value you would take the Therms value and mulitply by 29.291

Click here to download Energy Conversion Chart in XLS format.

Click here or on the chart for enlarged viewing 

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