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Does MSI recommend any Conservation Tips?

Is Metering Systems Inc. a utility company?

  • No. Metering Systems Inc. (MSI) does not sell energy or water.  MSI is a  privately held company that provides Utility Metering, Monitoring, Billing, Maintenance, and Collection Services to multitenant residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

How are my meters read?

  • MSI utilizes the most advanced Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology available. Each Electricity, Gas, Water, and/or RunTime Meter has a transmitter attached to it to record and transmit the metering data.  MSI utilizes 900 MHz and 2.4GHz Wireless technologies to transmit metering data to the local Central Data Collector. When appropriate the meter may be hardwired to the Central Data Collector. MSI uses GSM, Broadband internet, and POTS standard telephone service to download metering data to the MSI Service Center.  In most cases metering data is downloaded daily and the data is used to generate bills monthly.  However, in some cases, the data may be downloaded monthly, weekly or hourly, whatever is necessary to provide the customer with the data needed, when it is needed. 

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